SERVO CONTROLLED VOLTAGE STABLIZER   ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS   INDUSTRIAL UPS SERVICES and Hard core Larger Industries   - UPS Solution to all types of Small , Medium and   Eaton 9395 UPS ( 275 to 1100 KVA ) HEALTH CARE   Power protection and management   a vital part in your ability to deliver   quality care to patients.   Eaton UPS solutions protect your IT   systems, diagnostic imaging equipment,   clinical labs, and facilities and monitoring support systems   against a full range of problems from spikes and sags to full power   interruptions.   - Robust design and on-line double conversion  - Inbuilt RS-232, USB & Intelligent Slot communication ports   - Award-winning power management   - WINPOWER software suite bundled   topology assures maximum reliability UPSs DATA CENTER   Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup   CLEAN   REALAIBLE   ENERGY EFFICIENT POWER   power systems to protect large data centers, as well   as facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics.   Redundant configurations and dual bus capabilities   ensure continuous operation for critical systems.   EATON 93PM UPS - Maximum deployment flexibility   - Scalable architecture, - Greater than 99% efficiency   - Easy integration with major  pay-as-you-grow capability   virtualisation platform   AUTOMOBILE DG BATTERIES - High energy density long shelf   life good leak ressistance performance well   under heavy or light use   - Low Cost - High Energy Stroge Capacity   APFC PANEL ( 50 to 2500 KVAR ) - On the busbars of a main distribution switchboard   - On the terminals of a heavily loaded feeder cable   APFC provides compensation
for reactive power based on the
variations in load conditions to maintain
the target power factor. In APFC switching
the capacitor is significant as it helps to
retain the power factor, the switching is
controlled by a Power Factor Controller device
that uses the CT feedback to determine the kvar
required at any instant.
The Power Factor Controller also provides information
on the network characteristics such as Active, reactive
power, Voltage, power factor for the user to understand.
AHF (ACTIVE HARMONIC FILTER - 30 to 600 AMPS ) - 97% efficiency typically  - Filters up to 25th Harmonics   - Prevent penalties from the Electricity utilities   - Increase life time of equipment’s like Transformers   - Lower maintenance cost by avoiding failures/shut downs   - Additional reactive power and unbalance compensations   WE SERVE

Isolation Transformers


  • Analytical Instruments
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • CNC Machines
  • Textile Machinery
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Remote Control Equipment
  • Printing Machinery
  • Large Computer Installations
  • Garment Equipment
  • More Efficient


  • Better Heat Transfer
  • Lower Temperature Rise
  • Lower Weight
  • Better Surge with Standing Capacity
  • Better Suited for Harmonics
  • No Hot-spots

Ultra Isolation Transformer

A double wound transformer with multiple shielding for Capacitive or Faradic Isolation (reduction of capacitive coupling). This transformer has very high attenuation of common mode transients thus preventing passage of voltage transients, spikes and galvanic leakage in the common mode from reaching sensitive electronic equipment like computers, medical equipment and CNC machines. It also addresses problems related to poor input neutral. The Ultra Isolation transformer can be designed to provide output voltages to suit machine requirement.


  • Low inter-winding capacitance
  • Good DC galvanic isolation
  • High attenuation -100 dB in common mode up to 10 kHz
  • Optimum transformer design ensures good load regulation

Galvanic Isolation Transformer

A double wound transformer with KRYKARD Advantage, which provides galvanic isolation and hence addresses problems related to input neutral. The galvanic isolation transformer can be designed to provide output voltages to suit different machine requirements.

Auto Transformer

A single wound transformer with KRYKARD Advantage, designed to change the output voltage (step-up or step-down without isolation) to suit different machine requirements.