Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (3 to 3500KVA)

Features - Servo controlled voltage stabilizer

  • Micro controller based electronic circuit for precise correction and value added features
  • Measures voltage (output & input), output current & frequency
  • Records minimum & maximum voltage and maximum current (1 sec avg)
  • High performance—works for decades
  • Complete protection against over/under voltage, 1-phasing, overload, spikes, short circuit

Typical Application

  • Auto sector – CNC Machines, EDMs, CMM, etc.
  • Textile – Spinning – Autoconers, Draw frames, Carding, Looms, Knitting & Fabric Processing, Garments & Embroidery
  • Food processing – FFS (Pouch packing), Bottling lines, Deep freezer, Cold rooms, etc.
  • Printing sector – Offset printing, Paper cutting, Book binding, etc.
  • Health care & diagnostics – CT Scan, MRI, X-rays, Pathology labs, ICU/ Operation theatre equipment
  • Analytical equipment – Centrifuge, Chromatograph, Hardness Testing