Eaton Aurora  UPS1

The Eaton Aurora Line-interactive UPS affordably protects 30 – 600 Amps critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption caused by power fluctuations and outages. With built-in double boost and buck automatic voltage regulation, the Aurora is perfect for areas where the supply voltage is constantly unstable


  • Double Boost & Buck AVR provides wide input voltage and frequency ranges
    (up to 140-300V & >40Hz)
  • Fixed input cord for easy installation and greater security
  • India outlets for easy equipment connection
  • Small footprint for easy installation on or under a desk
  • Green Power function prevents battery discharge when no load is connected, saving the battery from deep discharge damage
  • Overload Protection alerts user and protects UPS from damage

Typical Application

  • 600VA – Entry- level PC
  • 1000VA – 2PCs or Advanced PC